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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sarah's Baby Shower

Sarah, my "little" (she's not so little, she's only 16 months younger than me) sister, had one of her baby showers this past weekend. It was a small gathering, but we had lots of fun and Sarah was blessed with some much needed baby items. No, they do not know what they are having yet because they want to be surprised! Here are some pictures from that: Isn't this cake adorable? Erin (my sister-in-law) made it!

Sarah @ 35 weeks! She's due on April 11th.

Kate at Aunt Sarah's baby shower

While I enjoy the cooler weather, I was really glad that it was finally warm on a Sunday because I have some cute dresses that I have been waiting to get the girls into for church. Here are some pictures of that:

Daddy's Girls

Happy Hannah

And finally...another video. The girls thought it was funny that Daddy and Bella were playing together. You can't really see it on the video, but every time Hannah raises her arms, she is actually also smiling. Again, I apologize for the darkness of the video. I turned on all of the lights in the family room so I thought that would help. I'll keep playing with it until we get it right. Until then...enjoy!


  1. That cake is so cute. Kate and Hannah are adorable. Thank you for sharing all of the pictures and video with us.
    Gina Akos

  2. Could Daddy get up off the couch, put on some clothes and take some pics of Mommy and the girls?

    Love Ya

  3. I know...I told him when I was taking the pictures that Hannah and Kate aren't going to think they had a mommy, unless they realize she's the one always behind the camera. I'll make sure I share your comment with George.