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Monday, March 16, 2009

Miracle Babies

We were out and about a lot the last couple of days so many people have gotten to see the girls. It's "ironic" because I think about 3 people came up to me at some point and referred to them as miracle babies. Sometimes it's easy to look at them now as they are big and forget the difficult path that they endured for the several weeks after their life began. That's good that I can finally look at them as "normal" babies. Of course, I still take extra precautions when it comes to their health, but they are definitely not my little fragile preemies anymore. It was just a sweet reminder of how blessed we are to have miracle babies.

It was actually a year ago on March 15th that we found out that I was pregnant. Life only got interesting from there. It's hard to believe all that has happened in a year. Looking back on it, how can one deny God's faithfulness?

So as far as the napping goes, we are definitely dealing with the 45 minute intruder. They wake up from their first sleep cycle and think their nap is done. I've decided to go ahead and let them cry it out so that they can learn how to soothe themselves. I have them separated in different rooms. Some moms on the twin website I belong to suggest letting them cry it out in the same room, but I don't know if I'm that brave. I'm already dreading the idea of listening to them cry, but I know it's best for them. We have a pack n' play in our room and then the other baby will sleep in the crib. Please pray that I will have the perseverance to see this through. I give in so easily. Kate is actually taking her second nap without her swaddler so I am probably going to have her give that up. I think that is it for now. I've got some pictures for you to enjoy:

Kate-sleeping with no swaddler at naptime

Kate-sleeping like a big girl
Kate-after her bath
Kate-after her bath

Peekaboo-it's Hannah

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  1. Randy and I were just reading the blog the other day and looking at the pictures saying the same thing. They just seem so happy and healthy! What a blessing!
    I was also reading about your nap time frustrations. We used Baby Wise with Ella and it worked great. I remember crying myself out of frustration! Every once in awhile Ella would start teething or something and we would have to do a little "crash course". It really will pay off one day though. Ella came up to me tonight about 15 minutes before bedtime and told me, "Mommy nigh night". It's like she knows when she's had enough and wants me to put her to bed. What a long road to get here, but I hope that's encouraging!