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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proud Mama Alert

Hannah had another first yesterday. She rolled over from her back to her belly. My baby can roll both ways now. Pretty soon she'll be rolling across the room. I'm so proud of her. George was off yesterday and I think God humored his complaints of never getting to experience any of her firsts by allowing it to happen when he was off. However, when I woke him up from a nap to tell him she just rolled over, he wasn't too amused and went back to sleep. According to him later that night, he doesn't remember me ever waking him up. So he got to see her practicing later that night. Here is some video of that:

And some more video:

*The videos seem to get darker every time I transfer them from the camera to the computer and then to the blog. I took the video with full lights on in the room. Any suggestions?

We actually had a really nice day yesterday. We both got outside to do some much needed yard work while the girls napped. It's a good distraction while they are inside crying. I wasn't ignoring them, but since we are doing the cry it out method, it was much easier to handle the cries if I wasn't cooped up inside listening to them. They eventually put themselves back to sleep. Yeah!!! Everyday seems to get a little bit better. We aren't there yet, but I feel like we are making progress. Back to our day...we then went up to church and ate dinner and went grocery shopping after that. We borrowed a baby carrier from some friends so George carried Kate and I carried Hannah. It was a fun little date! The girls love to just watch everything in the store so they were perfect. By the time we got home, it was time for bed so the evening was very enjoyable and smooth.

Here's another picture of Kate that I think depicts quite well why we have to use restraints in the swing and bouncy seat now.

Not to leave Kate's firsts out either. She did sit unassisted for a couple of seconds the other day. We had a boppy pillow supporting her butt, but that was it. Yeah Kate! As they continue to grow, we are noticing subtle differences in their development. Hannah seems to be more active physically and achieves those milestones first. Kate loves anything to do with her mouth, talking and eating. She also is better able to reach for toys. She really loves to play in the exersaucer, too.

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