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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Starting Solids

The pediatrician gave us the okay to start solids. This surprised me a little, but they are still developmentally a little ahead of their adjusted age, so I figured there really wasn't any harm. Plus, I thought maybe this might fix some of the napping woes I seem to be having with Hannah. It seems that the 45 minute intruder (most of you Babywise moms will know what I'm talking about) has ruined our nice peaceful long naps. Hannah is consistently waking up 45 minutes into her nap and if I can get to her in enough time I can usually soothe her back to sleep. Today, I separated them in different rooms for naps because Kate sometimes wakes up after 45 minutes but needs much less soothing than Hannah.

Anyway, we started rice cereal on Monday. They actually did surprisingly well. Yes, it got a little messy, but not as bad as I was expecting. Today went even better. Kate is all about her food, no matter what form it comes in or how she gets it. I made the texture of it a little thicker today and after the first bite both girls smiled and laughed like I was playing some kind of trick on them. It takes me about a full hour now to feed both of them so it is more inconvenient and it will continue to be so as they go to 3 meals of solids a day, but we'll try and work around it. As far as the 4 hour schedule goes, I have given up on that attempt right now because I'd like to figure out this nap situation first. I've been reading up on it a little bit and it seems that around 4 months it is fairly common for babies to start experiencing napping problems. I'm just praying that with a little bit of coaxing the situation will fix itself. For instance, I just put Hannah down for a nap about 45 minutes ago and I peeked in at her because I heard some noises and she is in there wide awake. She was staring at her hand and bringing it down to her face and repeating this. I let her be, but now I am hearing louder noises. I'm afraid to let it go for too long because it will turn into a fit and then she's completely awake. I've heard that crying it out is a great method, but many people have recommended not doing that until they are 6 months old. For those mothers who have used this method, when did you start it?
Here are some pictures of them getting their first solids:

Kate-not too messy, most of it ended up in her mouth

Hannah-messy eater
Hannah "holding" her own bottle

Hannah-ready for her rice cereal
Here are some other pictures:

Hannah-isn't the ladybug on her butt cute

Their smiles are so contagious
Kate sucking her thumb

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  1. hey! the cry it out thing is hard to do but i did it with sean when he hit 6 months adjusted. he wouldnt go to sleep at night, just lay in my arms and scream, while i walked around the house, inside and out with him, for hours. i put him in his crib and he screamed for 15min. next night he did it again while i sat outside his door crying too lol. then the next night i put him down after his bottle and he talked to himself til he fell asleep. no crying! i do the same thing for naps and bedtime if he doesnt fall asleep during his bottle. sometimes he cries, sometimes he doesnt. halle i cant do cry it out with because she'll throw up if she cries too long. very gross! fussing isnt the same as full out screaming. mine will wake sometimes after 45 min and ill let them cry/fuss because im the momma and i know they are still going to be tired if i go get them. they usually go back to sleep, but every day is different.mine are in seperate rooms for the same reason you seperated yours at nap the other day. i wouldnt try letting them cry it out til theyre at LEAST 4 months adjusted, but thats just me! heck mine arent even sleeping through the night yet and theyre going to be 11 months in a few weeks!! i do plan on doing cry it out for night time wakings in july if they still are. justin will be going to CA for a month so i dont have to worry about him being tired at work cuz of the babies crying all night. we shall see!!! being a mom is hard and so confusing sometimes!!