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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Ever since Hannah started rolling over on Wednesday, Kate has been keeping a close eye on her trying to figure out how she does it. Well, on Friday morning at bible study, Kate went for the gold and rolled over. I really think she saw how much fun Hannah was having and was a wee bit jealous. She just needed that extra bit of motivation to get it done. She still doesn't have the technique down as smooth as Hannah. She struggles to get over (that's what happens when you're on the chunkier side), but she can do it. Put Hannah down on her back and about five seconds later she is on her belly. I don't have to worry about tummy time anymore because Hannah makes herself do tummy time.

I think that is about all these crazy girls are up to. Here are some pictures:
Best Friends
Nothing like using my sissy for a pillow!

Chillin' in my crib. (yes, they were posed-wanna guess by who?)

Hannah hanging out in her bumbo-I think she got bored
Happy Hannah in her bumbo-aren't her smiles precious?

This is how I find Kate when I check on her during naptime or go to wake her up. She always manages to get her lovey over her face.

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